Clinical nutritionists recognise the body is complex and is influenced by a combination of factors. As a result, clients are given an individualised treatment plan in response to their health. If you’re seeking to improve your health or manage an ongoing health condition, a clinical nutritionist can help.

A clinical nutritionist has a science degree (I have a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in nutritional and dietetic medicine) and is a specialist in nutrition and natural medicine. If necessary, a clinical nutritionist can order tests and interpret test results, prescribe supplements or recommend diet and lifestyle changes.

I have a particular interest in reproductive health, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care as nutrition can be beneficial in:

  • Improving conception outcomes
  • Reducing the risk of miscarriage
  • Meeting the nutritional requirements in pregnancy and postpartum (no, a prenatal vitamin isn’t enough!)
  • Improving energy levels during pregnancy
  • Reducing symptoms during pregnancy, including morning sickness
  • Reducing the risk of complications during pregnancy
  • Improving the management of complications such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes if they do occur
  • Improved recovery from childbirth
  • Improved breastfeeding outcomes
    + So much more