Hi, I’m Courtney

So there’s this girl I know…when she was in year 11, she wanted to be a dietician. She failed a chemistry test, she got 43% and decided she couldn’t do that, so she focused on studying law instead (crazy, huh?). She finished high school at 17 in a country town and moved to the city to go to university. Over 6 years she completed a Bachelor of Management (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Laws. She received many awards while she was at university, including being the top 5% of students at her university and being one of the top 10 most employable marketing graduates in the year she graduated. She had three all-expenses-paid trips to Google Australia to spend time with their sales and marketing team where she fell in love with advertising, but she also did an internship in a law firm in Beijing (she didn’t love that as much).

She was offered her first marketing job, a job at her university, after only completing first-year marketing. That was a dive into the deep end. After that she went on to work in numerous advertising agencies in Adelaide while finishing her degrees, winning five AADC awards plus a handful of others.

It was in the final year of her law degree while studying law part-time and working in advertising full-time that she started to get really sick. Over the next two years, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and PCOS. She met a fabulous nutritionist who helped her, and she decided to study (you guessed it), Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine). It turns out; she could do chemistry.

She started her own business combining her passions as a content creator and recipe developer.

That girl was me. Courtney.