Pork noodles (sans noodles)


1 onion, diced⁠
500g pork mince⁠
10 small mushrooms⁠
3cm ginger, grated⁠
1 lemongrass, diced⁠
2 small zucchini, spiralised⁠
1 birds eye chilli (if tolerated), diced⁠
2 cloves garlic, crushed⁠
Coriander to serve⁠


  1. Saute onion in a fry pan. Once transparent, add mince.⁠
  2. Once mince is almost cooked, add mushrooms, ginger, lemongrass, zucchini and chilli.⁠
  3. Crush garlic and leave for 1 minute. Add to frypan once zucchini is cooked.⁠
  4. Add salt to taste. Serve with coriander.⁠