Podcast Recommendations 

I am often asked about podcast recommendations, so here is a list! I hope my little description can help you find what you’re looking for. I listen to these podcasts on Spotify, but you should be able to find them where you find other good podcasts.  

For health and nutrition

Health, Happiness and Human Kind 

Steph is an incredible nutritionist with so much knowledge. She is very generous in the information shares on her podcast for the public but also for practitioners. Episodes are about the one-hour mark. Her episode on low iron is one of my favourites.

Australian Birth Stories

Sophie Walker is an incredible host as she discusses the birth stories of her guests from all walks of life. One of my favourite episodes was with Jess and Manda, discussing the steps they took to create their family as a Queer couple and the experience of being a gender non-conforming human while pregnant. Episodes range from an hour to an hour and a half.

TED Talks

I think everyone has heard of TED Talks by now! The short format makes it such an easy listen. Changing the way you think about Stress by Dr Libby Weaver is something everyone should listen to at least once (this is a YouTube link because I haven’t found it on Spotify yet, although most do make it on there eventually!).

Mouthing off with Dr Lewis Ehrlich

I haven’t listened to many episodes of this podcast yet, but I’m very impressed by what I have heard! Dr Lewis interviews health and wellness experts about how to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle a little bit easier. His interview with Leah Hetchmann about fertility, pre-conception care and endometriosis was very informative and interesting.

Metagenics Institute Podcast

This one is for practitioners and discusses the latest research on various topics in great detail. Episodes range from an hour to an hour and a half. My favourite episode is The Microbiome Facts, Not The Hype with Kristina Campbell

For marketing and business

The Diary of a CEO

There are some great episodes of The Diary of a CEO, discussing the career pathways and learnings of some phenomenal people. I thoroughly enjoyed his interview with Greg Hoffman, the former Chief Marketing Officer at Nike, and his interview with Ben Francis, founder of Gymshark.

Ace the Gram

Tash and Viv discuss how social media marketing works, particularly in relation to Instagram and interview people from around the world that have successfully used Instagram for business or personal branding. I don’t particularly have a favourite episode of this one, but it’s great for keeping up to date with trends and strategies. 

For news

The Front

From The Australian, The Front provides a daily 10-15 minute episode that recaps the news cycle. It’s a nice little summary when I haven’t had the time to catch up on any news for a few days.


On the other hand, 7am provides a 15-20 minute daily deep dive into a topic that’s been in the news cycle. It provides a well-researched summary of the topic.

For relaxing

Outspoken the Podcast

Hosted by journalists (and sisters) Amy, Sophie & Kate, Outspoken the Podcast discusses all things reality TV, news, celebrity gossip and explores the influencer world. A nice podcast to have on while I’m getting ready for bed and doing some cleaning.

Chat 10 Looks 3

Listen to ABC journalists Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb discuss what they’re reading, watching, cooking, listening to or just plain excited by on Chat 10 Looks 3. I enjoy this one on a walk when I can concentrate on it for the recommendations but it doesn’t need too much brain power. And if you’re so inclined, there is a wholesome Facebook community of Chatters.


I’ve been a longtime listener of Shameless since it started and these days, I particularly enjoy the Scandal series, which recaps celebrity scandals mainly from the 90’s and early 2000’s (when I was too young to care!). My favourites have been the series on Pamela Anderson and Taylor Swift.